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A professional photographer based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, I provide beautiful photographs to showcase your business, with a particular love for architecture, interiors and gardens.

I am a  member of the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Garden Media Guild and a probationary member of the Professional Garden Photographers' Association.

As well as the establishing shot, I like to pick out the details, quirky angles, the way the shadows fall at a certain time of day, the symmetry in the structure, the patterns and reflections in the glass... I want to create a photograph that's a work of art, not just a record of what I see.

I'm largely self-taught, and the learning curve has been life-changing. The proof of the pudding is in the photographs themselves - please judge for yourself. I pay great attention to detail, with careful post-production in Lightroom, to produce the very best results I can.

Photographing buildings and gardens has become my greatest joy: nothing makes my heart sing more than skipping round Salford Quays in the dark to capture the reflected light on the water, or capturing the hidden magic of a walled garden and how a wide aperture can thrust a flower into the spotlight when it’s set against a contrasting background from another shrub. Over the last few years, however, I've come to realise that there is so much more satisfaction to be had from providing photographs for the benefit of someone else, than just for myself - to enhance their product, and to be a part of something and take pride in someone else's success. It's all about that human connection and making a difference to someone's business through my work.

I'm also a languages graduate in German and French, and for the last 25 years of my working life worked as publications manager for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and partly freelance, preparing concert programmes, magazines and other publicity. 

An additional service, then, would be to combine my photography with my design work, and put my photos for your business into print, and as a linguist I would proofread the text for you as a matter of course. I can provide the whole package, from a simple idea to print stage.

Please get in touch if we can work together to enhance your business. I look forward to collaborating with you. Call me on 07949 593542 or email helentabor@btinternet.com.

Examples of my photographs in print

With thanks to Alan Kaemena for this photograph of me taken on a windy day in Redcar.